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How good can a customer be served in betting?

The point of the exercise is not to present the best example of a customer service agent in the industry, but to get a sense of the range of service that exists. The job of a customer service agent is not to make the company rich, but to make the customer happy. I’ve found that if you’re serving a good customer, the money will come eventually.

Here’s a list of the issues I’ve encountered while trying to get answers to my questions.

1: It’s not easy to find the answer to your questions on the company website.

I called customer service and was put on hold for almost 15 minutes. When I finally got a representative on the line, she seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. She took me through the entire process of how to get a rebate, which was fine, except that I could not find anything on the company เว็บแทงบอล website that mentioned this process. I called back a second time and got the same response.

I spent nearly a half hour on the phone calling customer service trying to get a rebate.

2: Customer service is not available when you need it.

When I called customer service about my issue, I was told that I had to call back within two days. I called back, but no one answered. I called back the next day, and the same thing happened. The next day I called again, and was told the same thing. I called back a few more times, but each time, I was told the same thing. Finally, I gave up and sent an email, hoping that someone would actually answer the email instead of just bouncing it back to me.

3: Customer service gives conflicting information.

Customer service gave me a wrong number to call for a rebate, which is an easy mistake to make. Then, they gave me a wrong number to call for the same rebate. I called the number they gave me, and I was told that I was the first person to call about this rebate. I asked if anyone else had called, and I was told that they had not.

I spent an hour on the phone calling customer service about a $10 rebate.

4: Customer service is slow to respond.

I was told that the first step in the process was to fill out a rebate form. The first thing I did was call customer service, and was told that the form had already been filled out. I was told to call back in one week, when the rebate would be ready. When I called back, customer service เว็บแทงบอล told me that the rebate was not ready, and I had to fill out another form.

5: Customer service is unhelpful.

I called customer service because I was trying to find the process to get a rebate. The representative that I spoke to was not very helpful. She told me to call back after my rebate was ready, and that she would not be able to help me. I asked if anyone else would be able to help me, and she told me that no one else could help me.